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Nama:Aa Gym's Advice and Message for 2019 Presidential
Durasi:11 mnt 39 dtk
Dipublikasikan:07 Agustus 2018
Description::On August 7, 2018 Indonesian Lawyers Club ILC bring up the theme: "Presidential and Vice President Candidates Counting Days: Effort to Oust UAS". #ILCMendaulatUAS

Discourse encourages #UstazAbdulSomad as a vice presidential candidate to continue to roll and become a polemic in the public. Many agreed, some refused. Ustaz Abdul Somad himself has expressed his refusal subtly. But, that does not make those who want him to advance as a vice president then stop. They still endeavor to make the very populist preacher willing to advance to become one of the leaders of the country.
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